Many individuals and families are facing unthinkable hardships due to the pandemic. I plan to provide a comprehensive COVID-19 recovery plan to ensure those greatly affected receive assistance.


I will fight for:

  • There needs to be a stimulus for job loss and job fairs for those who are looking for new employment as a result of Coronavirus’s economic tolls.

  • Many have lost loved ones due to this pandemic, which is why I will advocate for a monetary settlement for those who lost loved ones in nursing homes. It doesn’t replace the loved one and the loss facing our community, but hopefully, it will bring some sense of closure.

  • Another aspect of recovery is ensuring people still have housing, food, and health care. I plan to provide rent and food security compensation for those who face financial hardships. Additionally, I will do this by expanding funding for neighborhood food pantries and low-cost health care clinics.

  • All of the aforementioned plans can be executed through the budgetary process in City Council. I also call for the department within the city government to find one, unified voice as we navigate recovery as there is a need for joint leadership from those within the city government.