Gowanus is currently undergoing a major rezoning project, which will greatly impact the area both environmentally and socially. The area of Gowanus has serious environmental concerns that must be addressed before any serious action occurs.
The area is a FEMA “Flood Zone A” with mandatory evacuation, and the EPA Superfund Clean Up of the toxic materials at the bottom of the canal is not yet underway. On top of these concerns, the city still needs to build two EPA-mandated Combined Overflow Tanks to capture the raw sewage that is currently being put into the canal. It is unclear when these changes will occur.

I will make sure the environmental concerns of our community are not only taken care of but take priority as we navigate this undertaking, so we can better our beautiful city for ourselves and future generations.

As a member of Community Board 6, I have called for a pause on the rezoning plans until all the stakeholders can meet in person and the community can ask the EPA, Department of Health, the Department of Environmental Protection, and the developers the hard questions because Zoom is not a suitable alternative to in-person meetings. In the City Council, I will continue that promise.