As we rezone and recover from COVID-19, we have the opportunity to make some overdue changes to our housing system.


I pledge to:

Advocate for Affordable Housing by the Gowanus Canal

  • The rezoning plan for the Gowanus area needs to be paused. Any continuation must take into consideration the environmental impacts and the existing environmental challenges the area faces. On top of this, I will fight to employ union workers with prevailing wages for any housing projects in the area. We must pay our workers fairly and make housing affordable as we do it. Particularly, in these tough economic times of COVID-19,  the choices we make by the Gowanus Canal will affect many individuals’ livelihoods, so ensuring affordable housing in this area is a major priority for my campaign.

Freeze Rent to Ensure Financial Recovery During COVID-19

  • The pandemic has affected all of us in countless ways. For many of us, it has changed our income drastically, making it impossible to pay rent. Residents should not have to choose  between basic necessities. We must keep housing affordable and the area growing for the future. In order to ensure the continued growth of our community, we must allow for a rent freeze program to relieve some of the burden on our families.


Install Workforce Housing for Union Members

  • Housing offerings for union members must be taken into account as we work on affordable housing projects. I will ensure union members will keep their housing conditions as we create new housing opportunities for a different generation of workers.

  • We’ve seen the vibrant communities that can come from workforce housing. There is a rich history within the Local 3 Electchester union housing community, home to the Joint Industry Board of Electrical Industry. It is the embodiment of what good can come from subsidized housing for union workers.