• Seamus Campbell

Briget Rein and Senator Brad Hoylman Announce Plans for Funding for Long-Term COVID Research and Tre

Brooklyn, New York: Today, New York City Council candidate Briget Rein and Manhattan Borough President candidate Senator Brad Hoylman announced their plans to, once elected, allocate member item funds to area hospitals and schools to study the long-term impacts of COVID-19 while also providing funding for survivors. This would be coupled with Senator Hoylman’s bill, the New York State COVID-19 Health Registry Act (S5927), to create a COVID-19 Health Registry to study the physical and mental health impacts of the disease, modeled after the World Trade Center Health Registry used to monitor the health of people directly exposed to the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster.

“For months, New York City was the nation’s epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Briget Rein. “To date, we have had over 800,000 people infected and many of the people I know that were sick still have some residual issues. We have some of the world’s best schools and hospitals in this city, all doing groundbreaking research, and Brad and I want to be partners with them so we all can be ready for when the next pandemic strikes. We can only do that by, first, treating those that are and have been infected and, then, keeping track of the physical and emotional impacts. I want to be the yenta matchmaker of government agencies and, as we saw during the pandemic, SUNY Downstate treating only COVID patients and The City College of New York, at the same time, working to develop a vaccine candidate - those two would be a perfect pairing for collecting data and then analyzing it.”

“In the months after 9/11, we worked together to create a health registry to track and study its long-term health effects on survivors,” said Brad Hoylman. “As our city grapples with the many and unknown long-term effects of this virus, we need to follow that same strategy - that’s why I introduced a bill to create a voluntary COVID health registry in the State Senate. As Manhattan Borough President, I’ll work with our city’s leaders at City Hall, our world-class universities, and in Albany to ensure that we have the resources to study and treat long-haul COVID - and to make sure we are ready for future pandemics.”

In their respective roles as Borough President and City Councilmember, Brad Hoylman and

Briget Rein pledge to use all of the powers at their disposal to help those impacted by COVID-19 and will regularly meet with victims, survivors, and advocates to ensure that treatment and research are being properly conducted.