• Seamus Campbell

Briget Rein Applauds EPA's Gowanus Canal Cleanup Order

Brooklyn, New York: Today, City Council candidate Briget Rein praised the Environmental Protection Agency’s order to build two new retention tanks by 2029 which will collect sewage that enters the Gowanus Canal.

“For years, the city has been slow-footing doing its part on cleaning up the Gowanus Canal,” said Briget Rein. “The city said it would not be able to have a single tank in place until 2032 and, at the same time, wanted to start rezoning the surrounding areas for residential usage. Having residents living adjacent to a waterway that is not protected from being re-polluted? Now, that is some meshuggeneh and only gives credence to what I have been saying: we need to take a pause on the Mayor’s rezoning plan because we cannot have people living by a literal stream of toxic waste.”

Rein continued, “I am happy that we, again, have an administration in Washington that is taking keeping our waterways clean seriously and is forcing the city to do the right thing. Kudos to the EPA.”

First reported on Wednesday by the Park Slope Patch, the order requires the city officials to install an 8-million gallon and a 4-million gallon tank to the middle and end of the canal, respectively, as the canal, a federal superfund site, is dredged of ‘black mayonnaise.’