• Briget Rein

Briget Rein Statement on Gowanus Rezoning Plans

Earlier today, because I am a member of Community Board 6, I received an email from District Manager Mike Racioppo about an informal poll being done with CBs 2 and 6 about if we should have a joint hearing about the planned Gowanus rezoning and if it should be outdoors or virtual. Neglecting the unnecessary joint meeting since such a small section of CB2 is impacted, while having an outdoor meeting would be an improvement, it is too little too late. As I have said from the get-go, we should take a pause on this rezoning until after this pandemic when we can have a real discussion on the long-term impact of this.

It is obvious that Mayor de Blasio is trying to rush through this plan with just a few months left in office and in the middle of a pandemic, with little-to-no community input when he thinks no one will notice. If this plan goes through then his legacy won’t be things like universal Pre-K or paid sick leave, it will be moving families next to a toxic superfund site and the health issues stemming from that just so he can make his developer friends happy. I stand with my friends at the Voice of Gowanus in saying ‘shame on you, Mayor de Blasio!’

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