• Briget Rein

Statement on AAPI Violence

Words cannot describe how shocked and appalled I am by the rise of violence against our AAPI brothers and sisters. In the most culturally diverse city in the world in the year 2021, it is disgusting that what can be best described as modern-day lynchings still happen.

“No member of the AAPI community was behind the coronavirus pandemic. There is no secret cabal. It is just something that happened.

The latest attack was against an elderly woman walking to church by a homeless man who was out on parole. While I know people will say that this is proof that we need to be tough on crime, I say this is proof that we need to dedicate more resources to solving the root causes of crime: homelessness, mental illness, and, yes, an inadequate education. We need to provide more resources to ensure that these attacks stop, including more social workers, better drug treatment providers, actual affordable housing, and top-quality public schools regardless of zip code.

I love this city and its history of tolerance, inclusion, and working to make society more equitable. Our diversity is what makes New York City great. An attack on one group of New Yorkers is an attack on all New Yorkers. This violence must end now.