There are far too many storefronts in our communities that stay vacant for months and even years. Now, with the pandemic, our community faces countless new threats that put our beloved small businesses at even higher risk. I will implement incentives for local businesses to stay afloat, invest in our community, while ensuring that small businesses are protected from predatory landlords that aren't tied to our community's success.


I will fight for:

Commercial Rent Control

  • As a community, we need to help one another as much as possible. One way to help one another is to support the growth of small businesses. I will work to implement commercial rent control in our community to help our small business owners afford a space to conduct their business. This plan would also include a tax break to landlords to allow them to offer their best rates to local business owners. Through this plan, we will experience economic growth, but we will also greatly increase job opportunities for our community.

Small Business Jobs Survival Act

  • As a union organizer, I know firsthand that arbitration can help when two sides cannot come to an agreement. Under the SBJSA, if commercial renters and owners cannot agree on rent, they will go into binding arbitration, and a third-party mediator will determine a fair recourse. It is a common-sense piece of legislation that I will help champion.


Tax Incentives for MWBEs, LGBTQ+-owned, and Disability-Owned Businesses

  • As we come back from the pandemic, if we want to stimulate the local economy, we need our empty storefronts occupied again with businesses and employees. I will champion expanding tax credits for MWBE, LGBTQ+-owned, and disability-owned businesses - especially those that hire local and persons in protected classes.

  • If we can get more people back to work - especially the most vulnerable - we can help stimulate our economy and get our city thriving again.

PSAs to bring businesses to our community, incentivize businesses

  • The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives quite quickly and sometimes not in the best way. Many have lost their jobs and numerous small businesses are either struggling or have already closed. To revitalize the community and its businesses, I plan to put forth a public service announcement to draw businesses to our community. This PSA will include incentives for businesses and will encourage creative solutions that can continue sales. Now is the time to think creatively about small business relief. Much of what we knew pre-COVID is not possible now, so we must support these small business owners as the market evolves.

  • For example, allowing movie theaters to utilize outdoor parks as drive-in movie theatres would give movie theater owners the ability to subsidize COVID-19 revenue losses.

  • One positive side to the coronavirus pandemic is the increased free time and schedule flexibility. We must take this newfound time to reconnect with the community around us. Hard times always bring people together, and during this especially difficult time, it is crucial to take time to come together— even if it can’t always be in-person.

  • I propose the use of The Bandshell for movie nights with the proper adherence to social distancing and mask guidelines to ensure safety. This small act will not only offer some monetary support to our movie theaters, but it will also serve as a great way to connect with people after experiencing long-term isolation.